Sunday, July 25, 2010

eleven days!

Well, I finally made it to my massage yesterday and it was all that I imagined it would be and more. Note to others who have never been the recipient of a full-body massage: if you can't afford to go back and get another one, don't go to the first!

In other news, I'm becoming more and more anxious for Punkin's first day of kindergarten. He has 11 days, people! ELEVEN DAYS! I already bought the supplies he needs. He chose a pink pencil case (!) and a folder with a Corvette on it. Other than that, it's just crayons, these amazing scissors that Oma and I found, and glue sticks.

My biggest relief is that he won't have to ride the bus! The school district decided a few years ago to have a one-hour early dismissal every Wednesday for teacher meetings. Super convenient, right? Well, Punkin ends up being dismissed a half an hour before I'm done with work. I thought a respite worker could come pick him up and take him to our house, but it turns out they can't do that. So I resigned myself to having him ride the bus home on Wednesdays and having a respite worker meet him there. Except I was panicking because the bus can't actually make it to our front door, and I'm not sure they could even come up our street. Normally I see the bus dropping kids off at the end of the street. This, of course, made my heart plummet into my stomach. A respite worker would have to stand down there and wait for him. And what if they weren't there????

Anyway, I mentioned this to the secretary at school (keep in mind that I work in the preschool that's inside Punkin's soon-to-be elementary school) and she said, "Oh, no. That bus doesn't get here until 2:00 anyway. He'll just hang out with me and run the paper shredder." I could have kissed her!

So now all I have to worry about are the days that he doesn't have school and the preschool does, which are plenty. I thought I had something worked out, but I don't. But, It'll work out. Right? Right.

It helps that Jennie is coming on the first day so I decided to take it off work. She'll distract me with shopping, yummy food, and laughing. I am excited!!!


Jennie said...

See you soon, friend!

Kristiem10 said...

I am glad you don't have to worry about him taking the bus. I am sure the rest will work itself out. I am equally sure you won't relax until it does. Hugs!

FraggleMom said...

it will work out! i know that stress. i'm dealing with it too...but it does work out somehow ;) then you'll look back and be like ...dude why was i worried again lol.