Monday, July 12, 2010

every single day

Yesterday's post, and yesterday all together, was not the most coherent episode I've ever put together. Thanks for suffering through that with me. Tonight when Punkin insisted I kiss both of his Woody dolls, both of his stuffed Pit Bulls, his blanket, his red fish, his pillow, and his drum set night -night at bedtime, it reaffirmed that it's all worth it.

For some reason, the "goggies" have to sleep next to the Legos. They can't sleep in the bed. I don't ask questions, I just find them a blanket!

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Wombat Central said...

Cute double dogs! My son is very particular about which side of his body I put his two stuffed dogs (his are black and yellow labs). I just do as I'm told as well. ;)