Thursday, July 8, 2010

in case you were missing the updates

It's been a while since I've had opportunity to go on and on about my medical problems. I've mostly kept them to myself because I've mostly felt significantly better. It's kind of deflating to drop at least $100 at the pharmacy for my medications every month, but considering how much all of them actually cost and the fact that they are all working, I am significantly blessed.

I had felt so good for a while, in fact, that I stopped taking all of those medications faithfully, specifically the asthma and allergy ones. Oops. I guess I didn't realize how much asthma can flare up during the summer. Not as bad as winter, but still disheartening. I'm back on track with the addition of some steroids. I have a lot to learn.

I also went to see my therapist, who insisted that a mini makeover would help me feel recharged and renewed. She has this notion that I need to take better care of myself. Silly lady. So if you have any suggestions for hair or clothing, please leave them in the comments.


twoeyedgirl said...

Hair... turquoise! :)

Jennie said...

I love your hair the way it is. Maybe some comfy black patent flats? We could go shopping when I come - I could buy you a birthday outfit! Check Groupon for massages and cheap beauty services.

Laura said...

I love your hair, too. Tell me what kinds of things you wish you had in your wardrobe and I will look for the most affordable options I can find!