Thursday, July 29, 2010

one week!

Punkin still isn't convinced that this Kindergarten thing is the right plan. Whenever I mention that pretty soon he'll be in Kindergarten and Miss O will be his teacher he adamantly replies, "No Ninnernarnen! No O!" Well alright then.

He says the same thing every Monday when we drive to Occupational Therapy, though. "No perpapy!" He says this despite the fact that therapy is among his top 10 favorite activities. It's just DIFFERENT than the other days. There's fewer hours to watch television, you see.

Most days at therapy we start out on the swing. He usually lays on his belly and presses his face into the material (it's breathable lycra) and has WAY more fun than the girl in this picture looks like she's having. It's fantastic deep pressure stimulation and great for his vestibular system. In other words, it reorganizes his body. Then it's on to fine motor work disguised as play -- tricky, tricky Occupational Therapist.

I'm really hoping to have one of these written into his IEP this year. I think it would be a great addition to his sensory diet. Since the school already has a swing installed (thank you awesome preschool teacher), it should be a reasonable request.

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