Tuesday, July 6, 2010

things that are awesome

Umbrellas top the list these days. Punkin once cried so loud and so hard over the horror of being denied the privilege of holding this very umbrella that his little voice shook the walls of our local Wal-Mart. People stared, I'm used to, but this staring was coupled with that inferred, "What did you DO to him?

"It's about an umbrella," I explained as he wrapped his arms around me and sobbed. Torture.

Fireworks. Need I say more? Only the finale made him a little nervous.
Auntie went with us to the The Children's Museum during her visit this past weekend. We love that place.Keep in mind that these photos were all taken during the .01 second he spent at each station before sprinting to the next one.

Let me clarify. The Children's Museum is awesome, minus this guy and his friends:
We're hoping Bob the Builder or the giant sit and spin come back soon!

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bambooska said...

Is it all right that I kind of like the dinossaur? :D