Wednesday, July 14, 2010

tiny giggles

Punkin is in his room cracking up right now. I like to think that he is anticipating "Water Day" tomorrow at school. Basically it's a day to run around in sprinklers and play in water tables outside. Punkin barely gets wet, but it is his favorite day of the week. He collects all of the same types of toys, usually boats or bubble wands, and stands around unable to play because his arms are full. He's happy, though, and that's all that matters. Once in a while we'll grab a paint brush and "paint" the school with water or play in the soapy water table, but a lot of his activity is running from place to place collecting like items.

Or, maybe he's remembering the day he sat in the Lego bucket during the morning program and I carried him down the hall. Could be that, too.