Monday, August 30, 2010

feeling crabby

I have a post to write about our recent trip, which is the reason for my lack of posting, but I left my camera with the photos at my mom and dad's house. And we all know that you need photos of Punkin to complete a story about Punkin. So in the meantime I will leave you with the following annoyance.

Back in April I took Punkin to the hospital while we were visiting family out of state. It was a short visit but of course cost a fortune as all things at the hospital do, and a few months later I started receiving bills. Since I don't receive any explanation of benefits, as I was promised, from his primary insurance that is under his father's name, I assumed that the bills were what was left over after the primary insurance paid and his secondary insurance -- Medicaid -- refused to pay.

I paid small amounts and then finally one day decided to call them to make sure that Medicaid did in fact refuse to pay. Come to find out they didn't have his Medicaid information on file. What they did with the piece of paper I wrote it on I don't know, but that's not a big deal.

So one bill is taken care of, but I keep receiving bills from another place -- it must have be the actual physician and not the hospital. So I called them today and asked them to make sure they had Punkin's Medicaid number and assumed it would be a simple fix. You know what they say about assuming!

Turns out the primary insurance hasn't sent any payment or correspondence back to them, so they can't bill a secondary insurance even if they did have it on file (which they didn't, of course). They told me to call the insurance company and sort things out. Well, the insurance company won't talk to me because I'm not "authorized" and the policy isn't in my name, which is probably why I haven't been receiving any paperwork from them. Because someone (AHEM) chose not to authorize me.

So I called that someone and left a message asking him to please call them and give me permission to speak with the insurance company and to please sign and return the form they're mailing him. And that's the first time in four years I've had the privilege of contacting him. If this turns into a Thing, I don't even know. I might have to take up drinking only because I truly loathe talking on the phone and I envision this requiring a monumental number of calls.

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Kristiem10 said...

Ugh! I hope it gets worked out and doesn't turn into a Thing.