Monday, August 9, 2010

lest you think i only embarass my son on this site



Channeling Michael

Posing with one foot in front of the other like they do on the red carpet.
Actually just looks like I have to pee.

Gold for the WIN!

This speaks for itself.

Just in case you didn't catch that, it was my birthday and we stopped for a glass of wine before heading to the mall for shopping. The sparkling wine plus whatever was in the free shot the bartender gave us made my sister and me a little silly. She kept handing me random clothes to try on and my mom humored our little fashion show by snapping pictures. Let me just tell you that I needed assistance in removing most of these outfits from my body. As in, if I dressed this way all the time, I would need a clothing assistant.
We headed to dinner later at The Essen Haus for some German food, and then promptly headed home and passed out. My sister bought me a delicious cake that I'm still eating and I did buy some very nice items when we went shopping courtesy of my mom. It was a fun weekend.


Nicki said...

You are so awesome! I love the pictures.

Jen said...

Brave, very brave! :-)

Anonymous said...

You look beautiful in everything. Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!
Love you, AP

Ms. Sakie said...

Will you be rocking any of those fine outfits at work? I think the last one, a short jumper type thingy, would look great with the gold jacket.
It looked like you had a great time.

Pumpkin's Oma said...

It was so fun hearing you two laughing and being silly. Reminded me of days past.

Love you very much,

Sarah said...

Happy belated birthday! What fun pics!