Thursday, August 19, 2010

is mine? is mine swimming suit?

Okay, so we all know that my son is obsessed with swimming. Lately, though, he's driving me to the brink. It isn't just a matter of wanting to wear his swimming suit around the house anymore, it's asking me every 3 and a half minutes, "Swimming? Pool? Go swimming pool? Cold! Brrr!"

Sure, ya, it's cute the first time - maybe even entire first afternoon. By the end of the week, when he asks you to help him put on his swimming suit for the 50 billionth time, it's not as cute.

So I hid the suit. "Where it go?" I would have hidden the flotation devices as well, but he already popped both of those. (Thank goodness for the dollar store.)

He's gone from asking every 3 and a half minutes to asking every 10 minutes now. But since he can't find his swimsuit, he's focused in on some swim diapers under the sink in the bathroom and insists on wearing them from the minute he walks in the door after school. "Biaper? On?" In fact, he is sleeping in one right now. So I hid those, too, as soon as he fell asleep.

What will be next? Because I know better than to think this is over.


Wombat Central said...

My daughter wants to sleep in her bikini swimsuit. ;) She's so thrilled to finally own one, she wore it almost non-stop around the house the first week she owned it.

Hope the thrill wears off for him soon. Hang in there, mama.

Anonymous said...

Have you hidden the goggles?

Holly's Mom said...

OMG How cute is he! And yes I know how frustrating it can be too.... Actually I think a better idea is to get like 5 pairs of goggles from the dollar store and let him wear and play with those lol... Whenever he asks to go swim, you can say, OK lets pretend to go swimming, lets put on the goggles and make swimming motions with your hands lay on the floor like you are swimming. My thought is that you are induldging his want with a fantasy and eventually he will realize he won;t get to go actually swimming and ask less and less but your not the bad guy saying no. Holly is obsessed with water and swimming too, and I guess I am a permissive parent and I induldge her whenever I can, when I can;t I say, wow it would be so much fun to go swimming, we could splash and jump and play, and we pretend. She does not pretend on her own, but when we do it together I think she kinda sort of gets it a little bit. Not like regular kids or older kids, but the concept is starting to sink in a little.