Monday, August 23, 2010

pretty sure i just saw a pig fly

Last Thursday I picked up Punkin from school and the aide in his room told me, "He ate a really good lunch. He didn't want the hamburger, he ate the peanut butter and jelly instead."

Woah. Wait. What?

My son? The child who routinely threw furniture on peanut butter and jelly day for the past three years? The one who matured enough last year to simply push his plate away and say, "No want it" but still refused to eat? That kid?

He chose it OVER a hamburger? Okay. Good to know.


Jennie said...

Just keepin' ya on your toes. :)

American in Bath said...

Surprises are good.

TherExtras said...!


Michelle said...

Isn't it hilarious when they do that? Mine just regularly tells us he wants tomatoes or steak or (insert whatever food he HATED in the past)... I think they do it just to screw with us. It's a kid conspiracy.