Wednesday, August 11, 2010

sure can!

I realize I haven't written about KINDERGARTEN! How could I not update you?? The first day went very well. He was happy to leave me and only had a meltdown during lunch when he couldn't have more food. This is one main problem with moving from eating family style in preschool to eating with scooped out portions in elementary school; we work so hard on manners and using words to ask for more food and then suddenly those skills mean nothing. One day Punkin can have as much as he wants, the next day he is promptly denied. Total nonsense!

Monday went pretty well. Tuesday was harder. Today was hard again. I think it will take time and I think it will require a consistent para to be in there before he feels confident again. The classroom para is on vacation, and they've had substitutes instead.

He loves his teacher, who I feel is an exceptionally hard worker and very willing to adapt to meet his needs. And he sees his classroom and says, "My room!" when we walk down to eat breakfast in the morning, which makes me happy. He's also integrating into the regular education room for center time and doing a good job there. I even peeked in on him today. :) He looked happy. Happy is good.

Long story short, "No Ninernarnen!" has turned into "Sure can!"

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fragilemom said...

Great update. Man, ya'll seem to start school early. We don't start for another week and a half. Ian has already started to talk about his teacher from last year (which he gets again this happy)!