Tuesday, September 21, 2010

baby steps

When I moved into this apartment two years ago I accepted the fact that it was an older place and that the landlords weren't willing to update certain features, such as anything. So I am assuming that the stove, sink, and fridge I have been working with are from around 1978 when the place was built.

The faucet in the kitchen is like none I have ever encountered before. To those who meet it for the first time, it is probably rather jarring. It turns ONONONONIT'SREALLYONFULLBLAST and OFFOHIT'SOFFOHGOOD, once you figure out that the only way to shut it off is to shove the base down and not the handle. Of course I've learned to give only a gentle tug to the handle over time to avoid being sprayed and have become rather accustomed to the feisty piece of metal.

The faucet has been shrugged off twice by two apartment managers, but when I started seeing sparks from the cooktop of my stove and hearing what sounded like rocks in my garbage disposal, Oma pressed me to bring it up again when the manager came by to investigate. She lifted up the top of the stove, "Ya. This is really old." Then she turned on the disposal, "Woah! Okay. That's broken." And then I casually mentioned the faucet, since the disposal was being replaced anyway. "Oh my gosh! What in the world?"

My new stove arrived a few days later, my disposal the day after that (although it's still waiting to be installed), and I am still waiting on that darn faucet. It's hard to know what to be most excited about, although I probably have to say the stove since the risk of fire and disease (it was impossible to clean the old one without it falling apart) have been greatly reduced.

So I'm in the shower on Sunday morning, running a little late because of, what else, Facebook, and I come out to the living room to hear Punkin call out, "Momma, Lookit!" Someone got busy, Harold and the Purple Crayon Style all over the wall, floor, and brand new stove. I have never in my life been so grateful for Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

The thing is that Punkin has never really been very interesting in coloring or writing like he has these past few weeks. At first I was blaming it solely on his newfound interest in Blues Clues, but his teacher reminded me today that he's been watching his TV Teacher every day. It's a pretty cool program that teaches handwriting through videos and I think between seeing it and watching his classmates, it's having an impact. Why he hasn't caught on that most people use PAPER, I don't quite know, but we're working on it.


Laura said...

I'm so happy you got a new stove!! Yippee! And that the colors came off :)

Pam said...

um...because, apparently, someone decided to show him how he could tear paper...way back when he was 3 years old...so sorry about that!

Kristiem10 said...

TV Teacher is cool, isn't it? So is Magic Eraser.