Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I give up trying to write about our trip. I quit. I'm done except to show you this adorable photo and to tell you that my son is an angel. AN ANGEL. He was perfect in the airport on the way there, only anxious at the security check that his backpack and blanket might not be returned to him, and ecstatic when they came out the other side of the metal box.

Two other things made him very happy -- repeatedly yelling "blast off!" on the plane and watching the luggage carousel spin around once we landed.

On the way back, however, we had a bit of a meltdown in the airport that resulted in an employee approaching us to ensure everything was okay. I'm sure everyone was staring, but honestly, when Punkin's screaming and smacking his face, usually all I can see is him, all I can hear and focus on is him. I just worked on keeping him safe until a distraction (candy and a puppy) were found.

Now without further ado, my son collapsed on the front steps at 10:30pm:

Okay, fine. Here's another picture. But only to help me make another point. And that is, WHY OH WHY do they make the trailers on these trucks detach from the cabs? Why must the toy makers torture me?

The family member we went to visit generously allowed Punkin to pick out two trucks like this and I have spent every moment since putting them back together. It is a pretty sweet truck, though, isn't it? It even says NASCAR on the side. I know, right?


blogzilly said...

As a person who once (before unemployment hit) designed toys for a living, the reason the container trailer is detachable from the truck itself is because that's the way the trucks work in real life AND it's an economic thing.

Now if you wanted some kind of cap or plug to keep them together permanently, maybe something can be rigged. Send me some pictures of a close up of how it is attached and I can give you some suggestions.

Anonymous said...

He looks so big! I can't believe how he has grown. Can't wait to see you guys again.

I totally understand the truck issue. I was there a VERY long time ago... What about attaching magnets to both parts (with really good glue)to help the pieces go back together more easily and yet still be able to work like a real truck?


the other lion said...

@blogzilly -- I may do that! Thanks. I suppose it would be fun to swap the trailers, too, once you had several trucks.

@LK -- I can't wait to see you, too. I'll let you be on fix it duty for a while. :)

KC's Mama said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean about the trucks. KC is old enough to like playing with trucks, but no where skilled enough to put them back together when the trailer falls off (every time never fails).

@Ken-could you share the way to rig it with me also? I considered a drop of super glue, but haven't actually looked yet to see if that would work because the trucks are currently put away...I mean lost lol. I am all about stuff being the way it works in real life, but lets be real. This kid will never drive a car, let alone a semi truck!