Saturday, September 18, 2010

he's like a cat; he knows his way home

You guys, Toodles is back! Oh ya, "I'm back babydolls!" What? You haven't seen The Pineapple Incident of How I Met Your Mother 500 times? Too bad for you. You should check that out. Ted just keeps coming back to the bar for more, even after his friends put him to bed. Kind of like our little Toodles. Punkin keeps tossing him away and yet he still ends up back in our apartment. That Toodles, I told you, he has something special going on.

You must be wondering how we got him out of the wall. Well, Opa came over to babysit on Tuesday night and discovered that the vent underneath the hole in the drywall was actually a cold air return and open to the wall (no duct work). So he unscrewed the vent cover and found about 20 toys piled up in there. And then Punkin proceeded to drop Toodles down there again after Opa had the wall put back together. Of course.

He did it again the next day and someone jokingly suggested hanging a picture over the hole. After some consideration, I decided it was worth a try. I took a large frame, made a collage of photos, and hung it smack dab over the problem. So far so good.

We have lost Toodles three more times since then, the most memorable being at Oma's school. He was tossed into the bleachers in the gym and I thought he was a gone for good. The next day at work I reached in my purse for my cell phone and there he sat, faceless and yet smiling at me.
He's currently somewhere in or around the loveseat. I gave up looking, knowing that he'd find his way back to us eventually.

I had to warn the respite worker who came on Friday to stop him if he tried messing with the picture because there's a hole back there and he might lose some toys in the wall. I realized half way through the sentence that I was giving away my super-clever disguise, "Hey, the wall is messed up, so I hung a picture over it." This, naturally, was after Punkin greeted him with an overly chipper, "Hi Daddy!"

YEP. Someone has taken to calling all of the 20 something males he sees "daddy." That's not awkward at all.

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Just Another Doctor's Wife said...

Glad to hear Toodles is back! And the picture idea is a great one! must have been a fun project too!