Sunday, September 12, 2010

i can't bear the heartbreak

So Punkin has this playset based on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. His second favorite part is the car, and his most favorite part is the little Mickey ears on top of the yellow building. His name is Toodles and he flutters around the scenes of the cartoon bringing Mickey and his friends the Mouseketools they need to complete their missions. (Hey, I don't write the stuff, I'm just telling you about it.)

Punkin scoots off to his room every time the show is on to find Toodles and runs back with him, shouting, "Oh Toodles! Oh Toodles!" and then later when the mission is complete insists I shout, "Say cheers" with him.

Well, Toodles is small, his head is about the size of a nickel. And he rests on top of a short blue stick. So you probably won't be surprised to learn that he was lost for several months and that during that time Punkin wanted little to do with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. That is until, low and behold, I found him buried underneath a large basket of trucks. Oh, the rejoicing!

It was like falling in love all over again. Toodles went potty with Punkin. Toodles went to school with Punkin. Toodles even convinced Punkin that he should work on writing his letters with is occupational therapist on Wednesday. Toodles has some serious powers. And then it happened.

See, we also have this hole in the drywall. Normally it's covered with duct tape (I love me some duct tape), but on Saturday it wasn't. I think Punkin had powered through it the day before. Anyway, I looked up from harvesting my blueberries on Farmville and saw his little hand on the wall.

"What did you do?"
"Get it back?"
"Get what back?"
"It's gone!"
"What did you put in there?"
"Where it go?"
"What is it OH nooo. Is it Toodles?"
"Punkin!" I whined in desperation. "He's all gone. I can't get him back."
"Get it back?"
"I can't. He's stuck in the wall. He's stuck in there."
"OH NO! My Toodles! Is gone!"

And so we went round and round and continue to do so even today. A couple of times I've caught him tapping on the wall or picking at the hole as if attempting to rescue his beloved friend. It's pretty sad. I put duct tape over the hole again, but that agitated him even more.

There is hope, though. There is hope! As I was looking online for a link to the play set I found this:
You better believe I'm the mom who would buy him a replacement toy for the one he threw down the hole in the drywall. Just start working on accepting it now.


Bonnie said...

Oh the sadness, I hear you there! I can't take the heartbreak either! And I love the part where you were harvesting your blueberries on Farmville.....been there, done that! Very good post!

Jennie said...

This is the funniest-toned post that I have ever read in my entire life. You just made me laugh harder than when Leta swore in downtown Salt Lake City.

Anonymous said...

I totally get this. The one thing I can't bear from my guys is heartbreak and disappointment. I will do anything to relieve that sadness.

George said...

I was hoping you'd get him a new one, I totally would too!

Kristiem10 said...

Oh I accept it alright. I concur. It is hard to see your child disappointed and sad. My sister is the same way. When she thought Drew threw his beloved drumstick out the van window, she bought him two more sets.

Holly's Mom said...

Sadly, I am the mom who would put a second hole in the wall to rescue toodles! I think buying a replacement is much more sensible, good luck.

blogzilly said...

I've been meaning to come back to this...did you ever find Toodles or get him out?

If not I have a question about the hole, measurement of the floor from the hole, and measurement of the studs from the hole. There is a tool I might be able to send you that you can use to set him free. If it fits/is long enough.

blogzilly said...

Oh and since Bloger won't auto-update me, e-mail me your answer at or hit me at my own blog, or are we Facebook friends yet? I never can keep people's blog names and real names straight (I totally suck at that).