Saturday, October 23, 2010

dear punkin,

I really shouldn't be so surprised each year when you suddenly seem so grown up, and yet here I sit in amazement of your burst of development over the past few weeks. You're gigantic, for one. And you're playing with your toys more than ever before, especially your kitchen. The most shocking development, though, is that you like to color. When did you decide that? And why did it take so long? See, I told you it was fun. Didn't want to believe your momma.

Anyway, you certainly haven't given up shredding paper by any means, and in fact you're playing with a few strips of newsprint as I write this. Whenever I ask you about the papers you tell me they're sharks, but it seems to me that they're the characters from your cartoons.

And today. Today we had probably 34 crayons and 12 markers spread out on the table and we started drawing faces. Well, I started drawing faces and you ignored me until you decided it was fun. I found out that you can draw a circle on command, which is sweet. I mean, you were probably doing it for your preschool teacher a long time ago, but there's no way you ever would have done that for me. After a couple minutes you ordered me to draw a circle (you are extremely convincing), you said, "eyes, eyes, mouth," and this was the result:

It's the one with the V-shaped mouth, just an FYI. I love it. And I know my car is super awesome, you don't have to tell me.

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blogzilly said...

Those are most definitely 'keepers'.