Saturday, November 13, 2010

almost a poop story

While Punkin and I were quarantined for Pertussis, I posted the following to my Facebook page: I'm missing a tube of prescription face cream and my toilet is broken. Anyone see where this is going? (My cousin found this to be infinitely amusing. It's okay if you laugh, too, I won't ever know.)

This was on a Thursday night and the toilet had just overflowed. While I was cleaning up the mess in the bathroom I needed more towels and walked out into the hall to see Punkin smearing strips of paper around in about a half a can of overturned Pepsi on top of the glass end table. And the age-old mother's conundrum hit: Which mess do I clean up first? I opted to save the carpet/punish the child before sopping up toilet water.

I called my apartment manager and left a message. She called the next day and said she'd be over to look at it while we were at my parents' house. That night it still wasn't working properly, so I called her again. Turns out all she had done was plunged it. Super helpful. Hadn't thought of doing that myself.

It overflowed again the next morning and I left again to wash towels and buy groceries since Punkin's test came back negative. Supposedly they came that day with snake to look in the drain. On Monday the thing was STILL not quite right and I was about over the edge, so I called my landlord who assured me that someone would be coming to take the toilet off of the floor to look at it the following day.

Let me say that I change the diapers, clean up the vomit, and wipe the noses of other people's children all day every day. I don't have a glamorous or particularly yummy-smelling job. I also watch my son eat, which generally involves rubbing condiments in his hair and picking up cottage cheese with his fingers. But I really don't know how plumbers do it. The rancid smell eminating from the bathroom as that brave man searched for the clog was quite amazing.

And he didn't find anything. An hour and a half later he put the toilet back with no face cream or other foreign objects discovered. It did flush again, though, so I thought we were back in business. Until it didn't STOP flushing.

Yep, there's a part inside the tank that's broken and I have to manually replace it every time we use it. That doesn't feel yucky at all. So I called my apartment manager, a week after the first time I had originally called her, and told her the problem. It's now Saturday and I'm wishing on a star that when I go home it's replaced. Who wants to take bets?

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KC's Mama said...

Ugg...toilet issues are the worst! We once had to drain our pipes into our front yard. Let me just say, it was the most disgusting thing I have ever done. I hope it gets fixed soon!