Monday, November 15, 2010

i can say "i told you so" to the internet

I'm the type of girl who breaks things. I also happened to have given birth to a child who breaks things. We own it; we know what's up. Because of this, I make sure to purchase warranties that cover accidents and other sorts of breakdowns. I even buy roadside hazard for my tires.

When I purchased my last notebook PC I had the opportunity to purchase a rather expensive warranty from Best Buy and considering I was replacing a notebook whose motherboard had failed, it seemed wise to just go for the whopping three-year deal. A month later Punkin threw a toy and cracked the screen from corner to corner; they replaced it with no questions. A year after that they replaced my power cord. And just a month ago they replaced my battery. So far the warranty has paid for itself and the Geek Squad has been extremely pleasant.

When I had the battery replaced I also told them that the computer was failing to boot. It would take maybe five or six tries, often showing a black screen, and even then would boot very slowly. Of course it booted just fine, if not a little slow, for them, and they basically told me that I needed to wait until it was completely broken before I brought it in again. It just wasn't broken enough and the warranty company wasn't going to pay for them to take my computer apart and figure out what was wrong with it.

Considering my warranty is up in April, I certainly didn't want to wait around for the thing to fail in say, June. Their answer irritated me, but I felt stuck until, like the toilet situation, the proverbial and literal poo hit the floor the week we were quarantined. The computer would not boot AT ALL.

So the quarantine is lifted, I have respite, and it's finally my chance to be able to take the machine in to the Geeks and make them admit that there's a problem. It's obvious! Except he still tries to argue with me because he pressed a couple buttons after a minute or so and got it to boot. Because that's normal.

I texted my friend Jennie, "I think I just used the teacher voice."

I think my exact words to them were, "I paid a lot of money for a warranty and I really don't think it's too much to ask for you to honor it. I'm not taking this machine home. It's a paperweight."

They took the computer in for diagnostics; the hard drive failed. They replaced it for free. But now I have to order recovery discs from HP and have them installed. So we're looking at another week and a half.

Between this and the toilet I feel like people just don't believe me when I say things are broken. Is it the blonde hair? Honestly, maybe they just don't want to pay for me anymore. But like I told Jennie, "It's not my fault they sold a warranty to a girl who breaks stuff."

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Jennie said...

I don't think it's the blonde hair. I think S.O.P. now is to try to get out of honoring your deal so you can save a few quarters. Sometimes the Teacher Voice must be deployed.