Wednesday, November 3, 2010

pick, pick, pick a fat pumpkin

"A PUMPKIN! A PUMPKIN! I GET IT! I GET IT!" He proceeded to fill a wagon with various pumpkins and pull it around the field, which I'm not so sure pleased the driver of the wagon that took us out there. Oh well! Can't please everybody now can we?

Before the giant meltdown at Auntie's, we decided to go to a pumpkin patch. This pumpkin patch had a KITTEN PALACE (oh yes it did), a giant sandbox, a swing set, a fake cow for milking (I may or may not have a picture of this), a petting zoo, and a super stinky barn with chicks. Super stinky. Auntie insisted on going in there. I said no, but she REALLY wanted to see it. As the three of us ran for the door, mouths covered and gagging, I may have mumbled an, "I told you so."

After the meltdown we hung out for a bit and then took Punkin to dinner, where he was an angel. He continued to show off his mad skills as he wrote As, Es, and Ds all over his notepad and ate his salad with impressively low gross-out levels.

The next day was Trick-or-Treat and I have yet to hear the end of "My pumpkin? My candy?" Although the real highlight was when a woman gave him a bag of snack size Doritos. If you felt the earth shake at 6pm on Sunday night, it's because my child was THAT happy.

It was a good one. Thanks, Auntie.

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George said...

You can't just say you have a picture of a fake milking cow, and not post it!
Come on, let's see the fake moo!