Thursday, December 23, 2010

also known as The Loud Family

Church is always sort of like an episode of WWF -- or is it WWE now? Certainly the "E" for "Entertainment" is more fitting for those watching Oma and I wrestle the fifty pound fish with ADHD known as Punkin. It's because of the paper shredding. He wants to shred paper, but if I let him, he starts making lots of weird noises and that's not socially appropriate or conducive to worship. So no paper.

Since he's taken a liking to coloring things have been a little easier, though. Except that he insists on one of us singing either the circle or square song and drawing them for him. And if you sing "The Square Song," you have to, "DRAW HOUSE! DRAW TRIANANGLE, DRAW DOOR, NOW DOORKNOB, WINOWS, CHIMMEY, GRASS TOO, A SUN, CIRCLE SONG, A BODY, EYES, NOSE, A MOUF!"

So last week he's doing this and in an effort to quiet him I gave him the book, "The Very Hungry Caterpillar," which is one of his favorites. So what does he do? Why of course he opens it up and, "A MOON! A EGG ON A WEAF. SUNNAY MORNING. POP! ONE SUNNAY MORNING!"

I put him on my lap during the baptism, "A CANNLE. MINE? I HAVE IT? BLOW? IS MINE?"

"No, the candle isn't yours. Quiet voice, Punkin. Quiet. Put a bubble in your mouth."

He puffs up his cheeks to capacity, let's the air out, and starts clapping, "I DID IT!!!"


Jennie said...

God understands :)

blogzilly said...

I gotta admit, it is kind of funny. And if there really is a G-Man, I'm sure he'd be laughing too.

Kristiem10 said...

I agree with Jennie. God does understand. And so do the other people in church with you. But I admit with my own ADD issues, I'd probably be paying more attention to Punkin than the service. lol.

Punkin's Oma said...

Thankfully our pastors understand as well as most of the people. One pastor even explained David's behavior at the beginning of one of his sermons. Very supportive.

Pam said...

- I can completely imagine this scene! Have you tried his portable DVD player with the video clips of this...and some headphones of course. Maybe he would like to watch the t.v. teacher do this rather than making you guys do it!? Of course, I'm sure it's much more fun to demand that mom and oma do it :)