Saturday, December 18, 2010

my son, the comedian

You know that scene in Toy Story 3 where Jessie whispers, "Get the tortilla!" during their escape plan and then Mr. Potato Head slinks his parts out of the sand box and attaches them to the tortilla so he can slide along the windowsill? You don't? Punkin does. He reminds me of it daily. And then he shuffles off to the refrigerator, grabs the entire package of our tortillas, and takes off to his bedroom while I plead, "No, no tortillas. Not today. We EAT tortillas."

It's all my fault; I'm the one who showed him how to do it one night before dinner because I knew he'd find it funny. It's a hard line to walk -- having a child with a good sense of humor and an impeccable ability to imitate behavior.

I caught myself today telling him, "It's your turn," when he wanted me to draw a square and sing the square song AGAIN. It suddenly hit me that once again I may have created my own monster, because if you are in our living room on Saturday mornings you will probably overhear this conversation:


"You want to play cars?"

"Ya, sure."

"You can play cars. Go get them."

"No get them. Play cars."

"If you want cars, go get them. You can play cars."

"No get them. Mommy's turn."


Wombat Central said...

I remember that part! Hilarious that he's building those at home. He does have a great sense of humor!

Kristiem10 said...

Don't remember it. I was walking the halls with Drew while Eric and Blake watched TS3. But of course Punkin remembers that part. He is so cute.