Wednesday, February 2, 2011

pajama day

It was a pajama day, I mean a snow day, at our house. Punkin spent most of the day playing with magnetic shapes and his train. It was awesome. Tomorrow will be more of the same as the city deals with Snowpocalypse 2011. It was not so awesome for my dad, who works at a car dealership and spent the day digging out the lot.

My dad is like me; he's not much of a game-player. And I'm not being metaphorical here. I'm lovingly referring to those structured activities my Aunt and I have dubbed BORED games. He'll play them, certainly more willingly and more often than me, but he's not as into them as my mom and sister. But maybe that's because they cheat (right, dad?).

Despite how I feel about games, I find myself itching to introduce them to Punkin. I have a couple, including Candyland, which goes better each time we play, but it's just not a fantastic experience. The rules, even when simplified, require waiting, sitting, and listening. There's also the issue of not throwing the pieces all over the kitchen.

At Christmas he received the game Don't Wake the Hulk. I didn't even look at it. I thought, "No way am I attempting this." Well, yesterday we had time and I had a familiar feeling of invincibility that creeps up and makes me attempt things like homemade Christmas presents. So I got it out and with some minor adjustments, we played a game. And then he asked to play it again!

I should have known, though. Hulk goes night-night and you press the button to try not to wake him. It's perfect! We live for the night-night game at this house. "Seep! Night-night! Wake up! Morning! Lay down! Night-night!" Of course Punkin wants to wake Hulk. Punkin also thinks he is, "Awww. So tute."


American in Bath said...

I can only imagine the noise the Hulk makes when he does wake up! I'd want to wake him too.

Punkins Oma said...

I loved playing Hulk with him; he is doing great. But I really enjoyed watching and playing the Sponge Bob video game with him. Loved it when he said, "Come on, Baby" to the car.

Jennie said...

I echo his sentiment, only about him and not Hulk.