Tuesday, February 15, 2011

you bought what?

Do you remember the barking? Oh, the barking. We sometimes still struggle with the barking. So why would I buy my son a pair of stuffed puppies you ask? What's that? Do I need a head slap? Maybe. Why would I allow an $8 puppy and his $8 twin in my home with a barking owner?

Because he's cute. He's really, really cute. When we were in the store he opened two books and had them each read. They were READING. He's been longing after them for months, so when he received Valentine's Day money I figured we could splurge. And honestly I thought the novelty would wear off as soon as we got home. But it's been several days and after the third time he dunked them in the toilet and was without them for several hours while they were being washed, it became apparent that these fluffy friends are something special.

I had washed them in my sink and my mom took them to dry them. We called her before bed to reassure Punkin he would get his puppies back after school the next day and he was not to be consoled. He yelled, "GIVE MY PUPPIES BACK! NOW," smacked the phone, cried because "I hit Oma," apologized, and then hit the phone again. Of course Opa drove them over right away. We couldn't torture the poor child, funny as it was.

And yes, I did just gloss over the fact that my son repeatedly dunks his prized possessions in the crapper, because if I spend too much time thinking about it those fur balls might just end up flushed. By me.


Kristiem10 said...

Oh my! They are really, really cute puppies. And, the "prized posessions in the crapper" comment? Hilarious. Love you!

Jennie said...

OH he looks so OLD in that pic! My heart aches at how big he is. And I love this story, especially how Best Opa In The World drove them over.

fragilemom said...