Tuesday, March 1, 2011

can't even make this up

I've told quite a few people this story already, but I don't feel it's lived up to it's full glory until I've shared it with the entire internet. Some things are just too awesome to keep to yourself.

A while ago I posted about my frustration over Medicaid's denial of Punkin's usual acid reflux medication. The new liquid medication did not go over well and Punkin soon began vomiting and waking during the night. After playing phone tag with his pediatrician for a week, we received a new prescription for yet another drug. This one, though, is in pill form.

On Friday I was washing my hands at work after changing a rather noxious diaper when the school nurse walked in. "Punkin just threw up. A lot."

I went to collect him and he was as chipper as ever. I thought that maybe since we had changed medications that it wasn't working and his reflux was bothering him again. I took him home to rest, which he didn't seem interested in at all.

While I was on the phone with Social Security, having a mild heart attack over whether I had surpassed my resource limit, he apparently ate a half a bag of peach ring gummy candies. Then the ladies showed up with my Mother of the Year Award and coordinating handbag.

Not five minutes after I took the remaining candy away, he emptied the contents of his stomach all over the couch. Peach vomit everywhere. "What happened, Mom?"

"You're actually sick, that's what happened."

I cleaned him up and he settled himself flat on his back on my lap. A new episode of SpongeBob was starting when he began making that all too familiar gagging sound. I quickly sat him up and the vomit, I kid you not, streamlined directly into my right eyeball.

"Thanks for that. Guess it's time to go see if I still have those antibiotic drops for pinkeye."


Kristiem10 said...

Eww! Yuck! You poor thing. I am almost gagging to think of it!

American in Bath said...

At least it wasn't your mouth? Yuck.

blogzilly said...

I think I'm never eating gummy anything ever ever again...

Jenna said...

Hi Punkin,
My name is Jenna and I came across your site. It is too bad that you are sick. U are a brave courageous fighter and an inspiration. U will be in my thoughts.

Brianne said...

I once was pushing on one of Wesley's MRSA boils and it popped and the fluid went into my eye so I know how you feel. Plus I had just had my lasik eye surgery so I was freaking out I would get MRSA in my eye and go blind. Luckily that didn't happen so I can read your blog!