Saturday, March 19, 2011

stomping day

Today was our last full day in our apartment. At 8:15 this morning Punkin decided to march in place in front of the television, stop for 30 seconds when I asked, and then start again. He repeated this for several minutes. During one of the 30 sec0nd intervals, Squiddie banged at us and Punkin, being oblivious as he is, stomped in response. It was REALLY hard not to laugh as I told him, "No marching in the house," and led him over to the couch to work on a puzzle.

Did I tell you my kid -- MY KID -- likes puzzles. At home, too, not just school. Just sayin'. Moving on.

I think any time you're ending a relationship, be it with a person or a home, it pushes you in ways to make moving on easier. My mom says this about teenage girls who are going off to college. For me it happened at 3:36am when I heard shouting and banging, went to the window, and witnessed, as I was dialing 9-1-1, a man shatter the sliding glass door of a neighbor's apartment with his fists. So that was neat.

Punkin and I had a lot of fun unpacking the majority of the kitchen in the new place. Then my mom had the pleasure of dealing with me at the store going, "Uhm, well, maybe, what do you think, uh, okay, maybe this one, well maybe not," over various options to fill an awkward space under the counter in the kitchen.

Tomorrow the real move swings into action; I can't wait for it to be over.


Kristiem10 said...

Is is a place where a dishwasher could go? We had a space like that in our old apartment and we put a kitchen sized trash can there. Not the prettiest solution, but nice to have out of the way.

I am glad you are moving today. Hope it is a wonderful day for you all.

Jennie said...

Holy mercy! Wasn't Squidward who broke the window, was it???

Laura said...

I hope your new place is shaping up beautifully...I can't wait to see pictures!

fragilemom said...

I need to do some catching up!