Monday, April 25, 2011

my shark! my blue!

Before I go any further, I would just like to let you all know that the giant bowl of jelly beans on Easter Sunday was, in fact, as amazing as we all thought it would be. He had to work for it, though. I hid plastic eggs in plain sight all over the apartment and he was forced to trouble himself with opening each of them to discover the candy inside. It was twice as sweet because we RAN OUT of jelly beans for a WHOLE DAY before Easter and he really thought the world might end because of it.

Anyway, on to the real point of this post. Remember that time I embarrassed myself posting this picture? Well, Punkin has a thing for tearing paper and plastic bags. And he has a thing for long, skinny objects. So after nearly a month of dragging two bathrobe ties around as pets, forcing me to kiss them before bed, wash them when they got dirty, and pick them up from the tiny space between his bed and the wall 15,000 times, he discovered that his could be shredded.

To him it's the same old "shark," even when it sheds and scares the crap out of me when I think there's giant bugs on the floor.


Kristiem10 said...

Oh dear. How on earth did he shred it?! My kids call things by their colors too. Blake calls his blue walls in his room "My blue".

Jennie said...

HA! I have totally been known to bend down, eyes narrowed, to make sure a piece of dryer lint on the carpet isn't A SPIDER OH NOOOOOO!!!