Thursday, April 21, 2011


For the past few months, Punkin has been increasingly interested in spinning. He's always been preoccupied with spinning objects such as balls and wheels, but this involves his entire body. Now, I know as parents of autistic or special needs kiddos, we would normally discourage this behavior, but it seems to calm him when he's assisted by an adult (ie: not holding a strip of a plastic bag).

I was picking him up, spinning him around, crashing him onto the bed, and repeating until my back broke in anger. And while this is still our preferred method because it's the most fun, the spin board we're borrowing from the occupational therapy center is pretty sweet. I wish it were a little bigger, actually, but it works for now. It's accomplishing some of the same things a swing would do without any property damage.

If you're interested in one, email me (theotherlion(at) They can be very expensive, but there's a local company that makes them cheaper (swings, too).

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Anonymous said...

Ah yes. Spinning. Robert's favorite ride at Disneyland used to be the Teacups. We would go on the ride at least three times every time we went there. :)
His adaptive PE teacher had one of those spinning toys that you could sit on (it had a center pole to hold on to)
Sit n' Spin I think it was called. I don't know if they are still being made. Maybe you can find one on ebay?