Saturday, April 16, 2011

view from the love seat

The other day my friend said my apartment was cozy, and I was so happy because that's exactly what I'm going for over here. This picture doesn't quite convey the green in the curtains, which makes me worry about the color scheme being to "Christmas is Coming," but I just go through phases where I can't stand messing with slipcovers for one more second. Not one more! Eventually I'd like an area rug to tie it all together and help it make sense, and also to protect the carpet from my walking stain bomb. For now, though, my carpet cleaner is serving me well.


Kristiem10 said...

I love it! It does look cozy. Like maybe I could hang out with you on that couch and have a drink after the kids go to bed... ah, if only.

Laura said...

Love it! Nice coffee table, too!

the other lion said...

Kristie -- That would be AWESOME!
Laura -- Thanks! It was my Grandma's.