Saturday, May 28, 2011

puppy love

Punkin has a girl in his class who was also in preschool with him, so they've known each other for several years. They tend to fight like siblings. For example, in preschool he gave us a dirty look when she sat on my lap during the before school program and then later, when we all gathered on the carpet, he smacked her out of spite. This year they've had moments of doting on one another; his former aid walked in once and saw them laying on bean bag chairs, sharing his blanket, her stroking his hair. (They were watching TV Teacher videos, FYI, not taking a siesta.)

So anyway, I was talking to his teacher yesterday when I picked him up from school and he and his friend were sharing a computer. Punkin had his arm around her and his teacher was starting to say something about next year when Punkin looked at his friend, "Kiss?" She turned her head to him, they kissed, and then went back to playing their game.

"Ya, that started a few days ago. Punkin, no kissing. One day she doesn't want anything to do with him, the next they're doing this."

His aid made a comment about grandchildren, and I told her I have enough problems. I am glad he has a friend. And if he'd like to kiss her when he's a little older, that's fine, but right now we may have to make up a social story for school and kissing. "I give my friends hugs and high fives. I always ask before I touch a friend. I can kiss my mom." Awesome.


Jennie said...

I'm sure you can hear my "AWWW!" from here.

Cousin E.H. said...

That must be the best social story ever! What a cutie! :)

Tova said...

that is super MEGA cute.