Saturday, May 14, 2011

some people's kids

On Wednesday night before bed, after Punkin and I finished playing "letters" and reading "Peg the Hen" 26 times, he asked for the red parachute. Since to the best of my knowledge we don't own a parachute, I asked him to show me.

He ran out to the laundry basket and grabbed a red fitted sheet for his bed. "That does look like a parachute. It's called a sheet." He dragged it to his room and asked me to put it on his bed. Since I had just changed his sheets the day before, I said, "No, not today. We'll keep blue on."

"NO! Red!"

"Not today."

"NOT ODAY!" He then flopped on the floor, I wrestled him into his pajamas, and kissed him goodnight.

A few minutes later I heard, "MOM! MOM! WHAT HAPPENED?! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?"

"What, Punkin?"

"What happened, Mom? Wook!" He stood, completely nude, on his bed, right arm outstretched to navigate me towards the offending wet spot.

"You peed on your bed. You peed on your bed to get red sheets."

"OH NO! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?! A MESS!" So, naturally, I took the sheets off, went to the closet, and got out some beautiful flowered sheets. He argued, "No, red. Red, Mommy."

"Nope. Not today."


Anonymous said...

LOL. What a smart little stinker.

Jen said...

That is funny! He's a problem solver!

fragilemom said...

I'm laughing! That was a good one (at least to those of us who totally get it!). Way to stick to your guns with the flowers!

George said...

He's smart, that one.