Tuesday, May 10, 2011

that look? it's an impending sugar high

Punkin talks about ice cream a lot, but he hasn't really eaten it since he was about two years old when he was coming down from being sedated after an MRI. It was one of those "too intoxicated to care" situations, not unlike the time I ate a sandwich with Thousand Island dressing on it and gushed about how it was the most amazing taste sensation I had ever experienced in my 21 years.

Anyway, ice cream. Today, after I bought him a bag of Skittles (aka jellybeans) , I treated myself to an Oreo shake. He insisted on a chocolate cone for himself. "Brown." I bought him one with little hope he would eat it and to my surprise he ate it right away -- and stole mine!

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Jennie said...

The characters on the shirt are what make this perfect.