Monday, May 16, 2011

when it's right in front of your face

So I'm vacuuming today, thinking about how awesome it is that Punkin asked for Frosted Flakes, flipped out and dumped them in the sink, asked for popcorn, and then flipped out again and threw it, confetti-style, all over the living room for the second time this week when I make one of the single most important realizations of my adult life.

But first let me remind you of something.

I wrote on in March of 2010, "The most confusing part is that when he's shaking the strips of paper in front of his face and barking, and I ask him what the papers are, 8 out of 10 times he says, 'shark.'"

Anyway, I can hear Curious George playing in the background as I vacuum. In the new episodes George lives both in the city and the country. When he's in the city, he hangs out with two kids who have a very energetic dog. As I'm cleaning, it occurs to me, "Since we've been watching George again he's been barking more. I wonder if that's where he got it in the first place. I mean, we've been watching George for a long time. Huh. And that dog Sharkie sure does bark .... SHARKIE. He's a dog. Named Sharkie. I'm an idiot."



Kristiem10 said...

Of course! Don't you love it when you figure things like that out?!

American in Bath said...

And suddenly the world makes sense.

Umma said...

OF COURSE! How could you possibly miss that? :-)