Tuesday, June 14, 2011

bragging rights

Every night - and I really mean every night, I'm not just exaggerating like usual - Punkin yells, "Mom! Look a me!" I go in his room and he's shoved his pillow and blankets on the floor, "A mess!" Tonight, before he did that, he walked out completely dressed, and asked me to tie his shoes. I assume he either wanted to go to his summer school since earlier he found his t-shirt from them and asked, "Go see kids?" or he wanted to head to the store to pick up some Skittles because we are FRESH OUT.

He loves his summer program, and I hope he can continue to attend. Right now they are feeling like they need another staff member in order to support him, and obviously they can't just pull that money out of thin air. He's doing remarkably well, though, from what I understand.

He's not having meltdowns, he hasn't wet his pants since the second day, and he's only hit another individual (staff and students) three times. I'm impressed, and I'm thrilled that he's had time to spend with typically developing, same-aged peers.

Oh, and apparently at some point this school year he learned how to draw airplanes:
(It's that thing in the bottom right corner that looks like a fish with spikes. )


Kristiem10 said...

Awesome airplane! I hope he gets to keep going. Are you working this summer?

fragilemom said...

Great news that's he's enjoying the summer program. What an artist!

Jennie said...

I played my voicemail for the honey last night when he was taunting me to get rid of my phone. But how can I upgrade when I have a personal phone call directly from Mister Punkin in my mailbox?!??!?!?