Friday, June 3, 2011


The kindness of the people in my life will never cease to astound me. I have been knocked off my feet a few times by the generosity of my family and am always grateful for their unconditional love and support. Today I was reminded that my support network moves even beyond that.

My job is not glamorous and it does not really pay much. All of the para educators agree that the health benefits and the people make up for the paycheck, though. And we mean it, especially the part about the people. Our school has developed a nice little family that wouldn't be easy for me to leave. Perhaps that's why I've hung onto changing diapers, redirecting problem behavior, and spoon feeding for seven years.

So back to today. This morning my principal called me into his office. A large gift bag sat on his desk, "This was on my desk when I got here. I don't know where it came from, but it's for you."

I took it back to my room and of course immediately opened it. The first package revealed a protective case. And that's when I started getting that surreal feeling and tearing up. I opened the next one and sure enough a brand new iPad sat in my hands.

I went back to the office and told the secretary, who had also been there when the principal gave me the bag, "I have to hug somebody!"

Everyone claims they don't know where it came from, so all I can say is thank you to the internet. I promise to post a picture of Punkin with it very soon. I downloaded the letters app as soon as we got home today and he told me, "Go way. Go o' der." He didn't need my help, and he was very proud. God is good.


Anonymous said...

I am reading this post from my new iPad! It is amazing! You both will enjoy it very much. LK

Kari said...

That's incredible!!! What a blessing!

George said...

This is crazy-weird. I was coming here because I was wondering how I could help you guys get an iPad, and had a plan. And then I read here that you got one. I'm so happy for you! This is so awesome for Punkin!

Holly's Mom said...

That is so amazing, just when I am loosing faith in humanity I read something like this and it fills my heart with Joy!

I'm sure you guys know all kinds of Apps to get but here is my old post too with some of our favorites.

Kristiem10 said...

Awesome! God is good.

Wombat Central said...

Yay! :)