Thursday, June 2, 2011

read again, mom

I find it incredibly fitting that one of the few books Punkin enjoys listening to, and is his current favorite, uses the word "no" 8 times (not including the title), has 18 exclamation points, a boy running naked away from his mother

and more tape than Christmas morning.

After we taped the bottom halves of the last two pages back on, taped the inside binding, and added some reinforcement to a weak spot near his left arm, Punkin asked if he could sleep with the tape. "Uh, no. Not really the point of having you help me."

(The book? No, David! by David Shannon.)


Kristiem10 said...

That's so cute.

blogzilly said...

Confucius say...'Boy who sleep with tape wake up...'

Nope, I got nuthin'...thought maybe I could come up with something on the fly, but I crashed and burned.


Jennie said...

"Boy who sleep with tape wake up needing a punk-rock haircut"? How's that?

Hi, I'm Natalie. said...