Sunday, August 7, 2011

the difference a year makes

It's my birthday tomorrow. I'm turning 29, which feels slightly unreal. Most days it seems as though I just left college, even though life has changed dramatically since those days. Well, not too dramatically, I suppose. Oma and Opa bought our groceries on Thursday and Punkin's new backpack today. :)

My sister visited Thursday as well, and much to Punkin's delight we went swimming immediately after summer school. She noted that if all you needed to do for swimming lessons was learn how to jump in the pool, he would pass with flying colors. I informed her that in fact he DID pass swimming lessons, as a Pollywog, for that very reason. His occupational therapist is thrilled with his new skill; she said jumping in the pool ten times should give him enough deep pressure to last the afternoon, and I have to agree that he is calmer on days we swim.

I think this year I'm more focused on Punkin's maturity and overall development than my turning a year older. When we were at the pool today, for example, two boys his age came and he went up to the younger one and said, "Swim mi me?" Once I translated that he wanted to play with him, the two played just like any two little boys would. Punkin was fairly bossy, but he also said thank you and offered to hold the boy's hand. And the other child didn't seem to mind. They just climbed in and out of the pool, throwing plastic fish in the water and jumping in to catch them. They continued for 10 minutes until I said it was time to leave.

That was a pretty sweet birthday present, as were the four bottles of Naked Juice in my fridge on Friday when my sister left. Yum.


Jennie said...

Sweet! Go Punkin go!

Ellen said...

Hello! I am glad you had a good, Naked birthday. :)

Our kids are WONDERFUL distractions from the fact that we are getting older. Even if they do cause some wrinkles. !!!

Nice to connect with you.

the other lion said...

Nice to connect with you, too, Ellen.