Wednesday, September 14, 2011

it's like that mouse and cookie book -- you end up back in the same place you started

So I opened the windows this evening. Well, let me back up. We came home and it smelled like salsa. I don't know if Punkin cared, but I did. And since I'm out of those wallflower thingies from Bath and Body Works, my best option was to open the giant window. Normally I don't open the windows for fear I may inhale something too earthly and aggravate my asthma, but I really wanted some fresh air. Once I opened the window I was worried about bugs, naturally, seeing as how dirt comes right up to the window ledge. So I sprayed some all- natural bug spray, which reeks highly of lemon --not the good lemon, the chemically lemon. Then I picked up a few random pieces of Punkin's clothing, took them to his room, came back, and saw him carefully considering climbing out of the giant window -- in nothing but his underpants -- and into oncoming traffic. What about the screen you ask? Oh, that was nothing; it's "oh der."  I shut the window and immediately needed to open it again because of the bug spray smell. Should have stuck with salsa.

Not thirty seconds later, Opa showed up with an item that may either save my sanity or break me entirely -- a rope. I know, right? It's my defense against him stealing my laptop power cords from the basket in the living room to use as a lasso. Of course I could hide my cords somewhere else, but I don't wanna.

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Jennie said...

Stupid lemon smell. Pledge is the reason I hate lemon candy TO THIS DAY.