Sunday, October 9, 2011

don't worry, he's still calling guys at the grocery store, "daddy"

My son is amazing me lately. Since we've started the Abilify, we've only had one big meltdown, and that was at school. Turns out he hadn't taken his Ritalin (found it under the couch cushion), so that was the source of the problem. The Abilify increases his appetite, but the Ritalin stifles it. Since he hadn't had the Ritalin, he felt ravenous even though he'd eaten half a chicken breast, a scoop of vegetables. and a small bowl of grapes for breakfast. That wasn't a typo -- he had chicken and vegetables for breakfast. Anyway, when he's hungry, THE WORLD IS ENDING. This is why I try to carry snacks in my purse. Chairs were thrown, tears were cried, and he generally lost his mind.

Now that he's been on the medicine for a little over a month, though, I think the side effects are easing up and the good effects are more noticeable. It's like the Abilify helps bridge the gap between non-Ritalin and Ritalin time. Because even with each dose of Ritalin, you really only get four hours out of it. Two of those hours are prime hours. The other two are spent waiting for the medicine to kick in and waiting for the next dose. I am not noticing this anymore. I'm not going, "IS IT 3PM YET??? Is it now?? How about now?"

He is a bit whiney in the afternoons, but I'm hoping that's the result of a number of issues in conjunction with the Abilify and will taper off soon. Time will tell, I suppose. Maybe he's just turning into a drama queen like his mother. He insisted on going to the childrens' message by himself at church, and when it was over, he stood up and exclaimed, "I DID IT! CLAP FOR ME!!!" Before that he showed me his toenail was splintering off, so I clipped it. His response? "THANK YOU, MOM! YOU SAVE MY LIFE!"

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