Wednesday, October 26, 2011

puppies and ponies

My son, on a pony during a trip to a pumpkin patch. He's not scared at all. Best $4 I've ever spent.
The obligatory picture of Punkin on a hayrack ride.

In case you didn't believe me the first time, it's Punkin, that's my son, on a pony. That's like a horse.

"Go walk?" This puppy belongs to Punkin's dear friend and soon-to-be respite worker.

One of Gracie's handlers brought her to church and had her sit with Punkin. Again, he insisted on showing her his iPad.


Umma said...

We've only ever given Monkey a chance to ride a pony once and he too loved it. I wish equine therapy was more easily available...oh, and covered by insurance ;-)

Jennie said...


My captcha is "afflog". Do you think that's Ben Affleck's blog?

EM's Mom said...

EM has ASD, plus as yet undiagnosed physiological issues.

He's five now, and has had hippotherapy PT for low muscle tone since he was two.

Riding is EM’s favorite activity !

If Punkin really enjoys riding a pony, you could contact the American Hippotherapy Association, to see if there’s a certified OT, PT, or SLP in your area.

An important difference- therapeutic riding is usually not covered by insurance, and hippotherapy oftentimes is !