Tuesday, November 15, 2011

a little bit mushy

I know, I know, it's weeks too early to put up a Christmas tree; but when you have a three-day weekend, a crabby child, and a need for cheer, the logical decision is to break out your pre-lit Northern Pine. Last year I spent $1.99 on an uber-glittered gold star because we didn't have a proper one and I really thought Punkin would burst out of his skin when I unwrapped it this year.

Not so much. He was more like, "meh," until he saw the blue star. The blue cloth star. The blue cloth star with the Christmas tree on it. "Dis one, Mommy. I foun it! I did it!"

And you know what? It broke my heart -- but in the good way. In the way where it instantly gets rebuilt with liquid love glue. See, I found that star in a bin the first year I went to pick up presents for Punkin at the Salvation Army's Christmas Assistance Program (which is monumentally awesome by the way). 
And I know it's just a kid who wants everything the same telling me, "Mom, this blue star is the star we used last year and it's the star I feel comfortable with using again." But it's also more. It's a reminder of how silly it is of me to think there would be something better to adorn the top of our tree than a simple, physical reminder of the love of God demonstrated through the kindness and generosity of strangers.

When we were finished hanging ornaments, Punkin stood back and said, "Is booful."

"Punkin, when you see the tree, you can remember that Jesus loves you and that Mommy loves you."

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Kristiem10 said...

Awesome post. You brought tears to my eyes.