Monday, October 31, 2011

is my punkin? is mine?

 He never remembered to say "Trick or Treat" at the door, only as we walked on the sidewalk, but he never forgot "Tank You!" So sweet, that boy. So sweet.
I know this blog has been heavy on pictures and light on words, but this momma's been heavy on migraines and light on relief. So here's "PUNKIN HERO!" with his glo-sticks (thank you, Kendra).  He didn't like the mask that went all the way over his head, but he liked this one that we had bought earlier in the season with a cape. So we morphed the two costumes. He had the best time. I think he would have lasted all night. Now to find a way to hide the stash.....

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

puppies and ponies

My son, on a pony during a trip to a pumpkin patch. He's not scared at all. Best $4 I've ever spent.
The obligatory picture of Punkin on a hayrack ride.

In case you didn't believe me the first time, it's Punkin, that's my son, on a pony. That's like a horse.

"Go walk?" This puppy belongs to Punkin's dear friend and soon-to-be respite worker.

One of Gracie's handlers brought her to church and had her sit with Punkin. Again, he insisted on showing her his iPad.

Monday, October 24, 2011

doobeedoobeedoowaa agent p

We went to see Phineas and Ferb Live! on Friday with some very good friends from our former preschool (long story). You'd think it would be difficult to attend an event like that with a child like mine, but in reality the biggest fight was over who got to wear the Perry the Platypus hat.
He totally won, per usual. AND I bought him a $12 plastic cup filled with a snow cone. Winner winner chicken dinner.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


This is Gracie, our church's comfort dog. She visits people in the hospital and plays with the kids in our school. Punkin met her the first time today during our contemporary, family-friendly church service. He stayed next to her the entire hour, touching her nose, petting her ears, and showing her his iPad. She's the calmest dog I have ever met, and I'm pretty sure she's a fan of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

this, from a cat person

When I was a little girl we lived in the middle of nowhere. I idealize this place in my mind, I know I do, and I feel that it's okay because it was my childhood home. The farmhouse, the acres of grass I never had to mow, the strawberry patch, the pig manure across the road that conveniently attracted all of the flies away from our property, and the night sky -- all of it has a smell and a sound and a feeling inside of me.

One of the realities of living outside of a town with a population of 100 (?) people, though, was that the roads were not paved. They were all gravel, which was quite frustrating to those of us who enjoyed rollerskating and bike riding. It be bumpy on gravel. Just sayin'.

So one day when I was in first grade, my sister and I are across the road at an honest -to -goodness farm and their dog, who we are already afraid of, comes charging out of the barn. So we take off on our bikes, which makes the dog run faster. My heart is pounding as I pedal as furiously as possible down the gravel road back to our house as the black and white mutt chases us, barking and baring his teeth, and BAM I hit a rock. I fly. I am the space shuttle being thrown from my boosters. I'm over the handlebars. I am hitting the gravel. Forehead. Chin. Palms. Elbows. Chest. Knees. Ankles. There was crying.

This event did not help me like dogs. So I get it. Dogs can be scary. It's only been recently that I could say, "Yes, I like dogs, " rather than just appreciating how they make other people really happy. I even think I might be able to live with one someday. Maybe. I like visiting them for sure.

Punkin is petrified of animals, and he hasn't even been thrown from an aqua 10-speed, but he simultaneously adores them. He is currently obsessed with two dogs, one of whom lives next door to my parents. He's learned to play fetch with her and just two days ago petted her all by himself for the first time. She's lived there his entire life. Anyway, I too may be falling for her -- and not just because she brings her frisbee to me over everyone else in my family. On Sunday I stayed with Punkin's Sunday School class. His teacher asked the kids to draw a picture of something they celebrate.
"Four legs, Mom. Is Annabelle. Go see Annabelle? I pet her?"

Sunday, October 9, 2011

don't worry, he's still calling guys at the grocery store, "daddy"

My son is amazing me lately. Since we've started the Abilify, we've only had one big meltdown, and that was at school. Turns out he hadn't taken his Ritalin (found it under the couch cushion), so that was the source of the problem. The Abilify increases his appetite, but the Ritalin stifles it. Since he hadn't had the Ritalin, he felt ravenous even though he'd eaten half a chicken breast, a scoop of vegetables. and a small bowl of grapes for breakfast. That wasn't a typo -- he had chicken and vegetables for breakfast. Anyway, when he's hungry, THE WORLD IS ENDING. This is why I try to carry snacks in my purse. Chairs were thrown, tears were cried, and he generally lost his mind.

Now that he's been on the medicine for a little over a month, though, I think the side effects are easing up and the good effects are more noticeable. It's like the Abilify helps bridge the gap between non-Ritalin and Ritalin time. Because even with each dose of Ritalin, you really only get four hours out of it. Two of those hours are prime hours. The other two are spent waiting for the medicine to kick in and waiting for the next dose. I am not noticing this anymore. I'm not going, "IS IT 3PM YET??? Is it now?? How about now?"

He is a bit whiney in the afternoons, but I'm hoping that's the result of a number of issues in conjunction with the Abilify and will taper off soon. Time will tell, I suppose. Maybe he's just turning into a drama queen like his mother. He insisted on going to the childrens' message by himself at church, and when it was over, he stood up and exclaimed, "I DID IT! CLAP FOR ME!!!" Before that he showed me his toenail was splintering off, so I clipped it. His response? "THANK YOU, MOM! YOU SAVE MY LIFE!"

Thursday, October 6, 2011

the art of convincing him

I don't know if other children operate this way, but many children with fragile x syndrome often learn the most when they aren't looking at or even anywhere near the person talking. And when Punkin is reluctant to try something new, I often talk it up and even model it myself while he's several feet away protesting/watching a movie/eating a snack/yelling about seeing a truck outside the window that still has no curtains. So this is where I found myself on Monday afternoon -- sitting at the table, talking about how awesome it was to paint the pumpkin we bought from the store, when Punkin darted over, jumped on my lap, stole my paintbrush, and prettied it up.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

buckle up!

                 From left to right: Grandma, Mommy, and Daddy.