Tuesday, January 10, 2012

didn't even break a sweat

Every parent has been there, and certainly every parent of a child with a sensory-processing disorder, autism, fragile x, or overall delays has been there more times than they care to remember -- sitting in the doctor's office waiting for IT to hit the fan. You're anticipating the moment you'll be holding your son on your lap, perched precariously on an exam table, sweating, your son's head sideways against your chest, held with one arm, the other arm holding his arms back while your legs wrap just below his knees, all because the doctor dared to ask to look in his ears.

And then he has to check the other ear, of course. Don't even bring up saying "aahhh." Now that's someone's funny joke. I can't even explain it to you; I'm not even going to try. Let's suffice it to say that my son can open and close his mouth faster than a fly can buzz around a quiet room on a hot day. The kid has talent.

"Say 'ah.'"
"Ah," Clamps mouth shut on tongue depressor.
Tug - of - war ensues.

So today I take him in because he keeps coughing and sometimes vomiting and it's no good. The doctor at the fragile x clinic suspected asthma, and honestly so do I, but I wanted to see what his pediatrician thought. The final word was that it may be asthma, but we have to make sure his reflux is under control before we make that determination. So I have to work extra hard to convince Punkin to take medicine that tastes disgusting and his doctor will petition Medicaid to pay for him to be on the Prevacid Solutabs he was on for years until some committee decided they shouldn't be covered.

Anyway, the point. He ripped the paper on the exam table ONE time and then threw it away. Then he did a puzzle. Then, THEN, he let the doctor look in both ears while I sat across the room. And he opened his mouth the first time when prompted. I don't know who that kid was, but I hope he comes with us to the doctor every time.


Jennie said...

I hope that kid comes out ALL the time. He sounded so happy yesterday.

Kristiem10 said...

Way to go, Punkin. I had to laugh at your discription of being all wrapped around him while trying to let the dr. look at ears. Ears are a big issue for Blake. And he never says, "Ah".