Monday, January 16, 2012

two things

So I got a letter from Medicaid the other day. I don't receive many letters from them, so I don't love opening them as much as the ones from Social Security -- the ones telling me how even though I sent them my new child support order five months ago, they just now realized that they've been sending too much money and I now owe them $149.76 on top of the $400 I already owe for the month I actually called AND went in to tell them they paid us too much and they insisted that, no, the check was correct. The funniest part is that they send a little slip of paper with it like you're expected to send them a check back. If I had $549.76 in my bank account, I wouldn't need SSI, folks.

Anyway, the letter from Medicaid wasn't so much a letter as a declaration. Punkin's doctor asked them to approve Prevacid Solutabs for him, the medication he took from 18 months until age 6. They're pricey, but handy for kids because they dissolve in a spoonful of water and taste like cherries. I found out they weren't covering it anymore when I went to the pharmacy for a refill and they handed me a bottle of liquid ranitidine, which tasted like salty fish death. Punkin refused to take it, and I don't blame him. It was awful. So now he takes ranitidine in pill form, which he basically chews along with an M&M, but which also taste and smell disgusting. And there's the part where I'm not really sure it's working.

Medicaid's letter had one of those oversized "DENIED" stamps on it explaining that they want him to try omeprozole for 60 days, which "can be opened and sprinkled over soft foods" before they will discuss the Prevacid again. I suppose their reasoning is that it's the same type of acid reflux medication as Prevacid, but costs pennies in comparison. But while most children would think it's fun to take a bite of applesauce with medicine sprinkles, Punkin will do no such thing.

So there you have it.

In completely unrelated news, we went to a chili cook off on Sunday and my son -- MY SON -- played with the other kids just like any other kid would. They ran around in princess costumes, jumped on the couch, and ate chicken nuggets "with my friends." He refused to sit with me. And towards the end of the night, one of the girls brought him a pillow and blanket for watching Dora. Several times today he asked about going back to "see da kids."

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