Tuesday, February 28, 2012

baby steps

So the weekly calendar is working nicely, but the nightly schedule may take some time. He complies with all of the steps, but then when I'm not looking he does this. How do you sleep with a backpack on? Poor kid. We missed the bus Monday, and today and tomorrow he has to stay home because of fifths disease. That's three days of no bus, people!


Mrs. Kathy said...

Poor David,
I guess it doesn't bother a kid to sleep in a backpack. Can't wait for him to come back.

blogzilly said...

What happens if he rolls over on his back? :)

the other lion said...

Blogzilly -- Hehehehehehehehehe. Sorry, I was just picturing that. I was able to get the backpack off but he woke up and protested against me trying to remove his coat and shoes. Oh well.