Wednesday, February 29, 2012

he cried, i laughed

You remember that one time Punkin streamlined vomit into my eyeball? No? You have your own life, you say. Well, it happened AGAIN on Friday in an eerily similar situation. I was called during work; Punkin had vomited but otherwise seemed fine. His doctor and I had been discussing his reflux medications for a while and trying, still in vain, to get him back on the Prevacid Solutabs he was originally prescribed but for which Medicaid no longer wishes to pay.

Anyway, I took him home, called the doctor, and tried to discern whether Punkin was actually sick or not. The doctor decided that no, he was not ill, he just needed a new medication and a more restricted diet (boo). So I buckled him into his seat and the usual hacking cough and tug at the throat began; usually I can say, "Punkin, stop" and it will in fact stop him.

He projectile vomited all over the back of the car. I grabbed a towel and managed to catch the second wave, and even the third, but not before a dagger of hot puke pierced my right eyeball. HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN TWICE?

We drove home, which is about 20 minutes, both completely disgusted. He cried, I laughed. He proceeded to throw up on the couch and both of our beds, but had no other symptoms.

Now he's taking omeprazole capsules, which have to be opened and sprinkled over applesauce. I almost got applesauce in the eye the first time I gave it to him. But with the promise of SKITTLES!, he eats it. Oh the joys of parenting. 

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Kristiem10 said...

Oh girl. Twice--really? You poor thing. I'd have gagged my way home. I'd have probably had to pull over to vomit. I can't deal with that stuff.