Monday, March 12, 2012

we need more boardmaker pictures, stat

Seems I have a little chef living in my home. He's had the same kitchen set since he was about two years old and in recent years hasn't played with it unless I've dragged it out to the living room. I decided just to leave it next to the television, and now he plays with it all afternoon. It just so happens that some of his advanced pretend microwaving skills have transferred to the real microwave. This morning I came out of my bedroom after getting dressed to discover him holding a plate, which he had climbed the cabinets for, with a slice of pizza on it. He put it in the microwave and pressed the minute button.



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wendy huff said...

Oh wow! Will has a big kitchen set in his playroom. If you ever make it to Des Moines let's have a play date! :)