Friday, April 20, 2012

day nine: funny joke

I finally receive the prescription. I am stoked. I take it to the pharmacy. We're walking around, Punkin is snatching up goggles and rubber duckies; I almost bought him Curious George flip flops, but they didn't come in his size. Why don't fun shoes and slippers come in anything bigger than a 13? Meanies.

And then they called us back. "We need a prior authorization from Medicaid. It will take one to two days for your doctor to fill out the paperwork, contact them, and send it back." Wah. Wah. Wah.

And better yet, today I got a call that Medicaid won't approve it at all and now we have to wait for yet another prescription. Wah. Booh. Hoo.

Also, kid has been throwing up A LOT. Our local pediatrician, who is never allowed to retire, has now prescribed two different medications for him -- one for morning and one for night. I also think that Punkin needs to eat smaller meals and probably fewer meals. :) 

In happier news, Punkin helped me draw this hopscotch board last week:

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sininho said...

Hello Lion

I'm follow recently you blog, can you teel me please what kind of medication is medicaid? This is anti psychotic or psico- estimulante or another medication?

Thank you very much