Monday, April 16, 2012

day six: give me ritalin

On Day Five, this would have been titled Mixed Feelings. But we went grocery shopping after school. Grocery shopping is my ultimate litmus test.

Saturday was a really good day. Punkin was the happiest he has been in a very long time, and both Friday afternoon and all day Saturday he was able to handle frustration and waiting much better than he has in months. Typically when he comes home he wants to eat "CHICKEN RIGHT NOW" even if he's already had a snack or is eating "CHICKEN RIGHT NOW" for dinner. But on Friday I was able to show him on the clock, "When it says, "Five - Zero -Zero , Michael will come and you can make CHICKEN RIGHT NOW." He responded, "Okay," and walked away. He asked me two more times, but accepted it both times and was able to wait until Michael, his respite worker, came to eat CHICKEN RIGHT NOW.

Sunday was a little bit trickier not because of his mood but because he could not sit still in church. And then when we went to our Sunday night church activity and he couldn't complete his craft without assistance. He's definitely having more trouble at school with his attention, focus, and ability to control his body than I expected. He is not being aggressive, though.

And then today he ran away from me at the grocery store three times.

We need medicine.

I called the doctor Friday to touch base with her but she wasn't in. I called again today and she hasn't called me back. I am feeling frustrated and I know Punkin and his teachers feel that way, too. None of us want him to lose the skills he's gained. But I am glad that I agreed to take the ritalin away so that I could see that it was causing his mood swings and that it was helping his focus more than I realized. Also, he's so darn sweet again.

Right now he is refusing to take the minocycline, which tastes bitter and has to be mixed with applesauce. I also have to mix his acid reflux meds with applesauce. Those meds don't taste like anything. So now he is scared of taking those. NOT COOL.

My instinct is to give up on the minocycline because 1. I do not want to fight about medicine every morning. No part of me wants strawberry applesauce thrown in my face. And 2. He has to take the acid reflux medication or he will throw up every day all over this apartment and I will end up in the corner in the fetal position. Also, 3. We can give him an extended release ADHD medication that hopefully would avoid the mood swings but still solve the behavior issues at hand.


the mommy psychologist said...

I vote for number 3. The lesser of all evils. Sometimes you have to pick the best "bad" option:)

Susanna House said...

|My son is on extended release Ritalin, two capsules twice a day, which I break open and put in custard, which he loves, and it does work. I know that from when I forgot to give him it once! I've got 6 kids, two with fragile x, girl aged 11 and boy aged 6(he'll be 7 in June)