Wednesday, April 11, 2012

done lost her mind

I feel as though I have stirred a pot that was once fairly calm. When I took Punkin for his ADHD med check with his primary care physician, I felt a little torn because he was doing so well at school but so .... not well at home. And I know that's pretty typical of kids his age; they save the best stuff for mom. But this involved hitting and throwing shoes, which I'm used to at work, but don't especially like. So since he was doing so well at school, in the interest of not rocking the boat, we decided to keep things the same.

Well, a few weeks later we had his appointment at the Fragile X Clinic and he showed the doctor all of his less favorable traits. So we are making a huge change. A really scary change.


You read that correctly. I done lost my mind. I'm sure that's what my son's teachers thought when they opened up their email:

Punkin's developmental pediatrician and I had a long talk today. Despite how well he is doing at school, he is really struggling at home. Because he is doing well at school and not at home, she doesn't think an increase in Ritalin would be appropriate or necessary. In fact, I agree with her that I am unsure it is helping much at all at this point because he metabolizes it so quickly. We are both thinking that the Abilify is helping a lot and are excited about his progress this year because of your hard work along with the meds.
We want to try increasing the Abilify to 7.5mg (this makes me a bit nervous as a mommy) and stop the Ritalin all together. She also wants to add minocycline, which is an antibiotic that has been in studies for years now and is believed to work on the brain's synapses and protein production. If it is successful we should see better attention, better eye contact, and improved speech. We need to watch for a rash, loose stools, and joint pain. She also prescribed a probiotic to help with the loose stools. And she told me to make sure I apply sunscreen every morning.
My other concern is that the Abilify will make him hungry and he will have meltdowns because he wants to eat all the time. That said, I still think all of this is worth trying. I know several children who are on this antibiotic and it is really helping them.
I really, really need you to be honest with me about his behavior during this transition. I am also going to be looking into getting a body sock for home. He is seriously a hot mess of sensory disregulation in the afternoon.
So, unless I forget and do it out of habit, he won't have his Ritalin tomorrow and shouldn't have it anymore.

So how did today go? As I told a friend a few minutes ago, it was not awful but it was not awesome. His teacher said that he needed to be redirected more often and he had a few more off task behaviors such as taking off his shoes and crying. At home he was happy but bouncing off the walls. So there you have it. Day one down. 


the mommy psychologist said...

My son is the same way. He is basically an angel at school and then gets home and turns into the devil. I don't understand why they do that. Nobody taught me about that part of development in grad school:)

the other lion said...

It's so nice to know I'm not alone.( And thanks for stopping by.)

Anonymous said...

If you're looking for a body sock, you might check out The company was started by a mom and grandmother of a girl with sensory needs. It might be more affordable than what you find in the catalogs.

fragilemom said...

I think this is great. Yes, focus and all that is important at school, but I also struggled with, "well, what about the rest of his day and weekends, when he's not in school?" Having been a teacher and married to one, I feel I can safely say this....sometimes I feel the schools believe it's our job to do what we don't think is always best, in order to make the teacher's life easier. I know that sounds bad, but I don't mean it that way at all. Teachers work HARD! And especially those awesome ones who are willing to take our child into their classroom. It's all a balancing act, and I know we all try to make it work for everyone involved. Please keep us updated!