Monday, May 21, 2012

iPad apps we love

It seems like nearly every day I see a post on Facebook or a forum somewhere asking about iPad apps. Well, I am no expert, but I thought it high time to share the ones we've found and kept. Please add your favorites in the comments. I highlighted Punkin's MOST favorite ones in red.

Reading and Language:
Starfall ABCs: An interactive alphabet "flashcard" set with fun games and graphics. ($3.99 and worth it.)
Piikea Interactive Alphabet ABC Flash Cards:  Each letter comes alive with each tap. So cute. ($2.99)
Tap to Talk: Very simple communication board. (FREE)
Sight Words: Flash Cards, will speak words for you, can choose various sets.
Ocean House Media Books: Read aloud, tap words, or read  to yourself options. And the pictures come alive with a tap of the finger. (About $5 each.)
Build A Story: Drag and drop items into scenes to create a book. Can email and print. ($3.99)
Talking SCar: Race the car, talk and it repeats you. (FREE)

ABC Free: Trace Letters (FREE)
Easy Writer: Trace Letters (FREE)

Wooden Puzzle: Easy shape puzzles (FREE)
Learning Puzzles: Harder interlocking puzzles, choose the number of pieces (FREE)
Farm Flip Memory (FREE)
Preschool Memory Match (FREE)
Toy Story Memory (FREE)
Starfall Gingerbread Man: Choose shapes for eyes, nose, etc and colors for each. (99 cents)
Balloon Pop: Counts as you pop balloons. Simple but great for one-to-one correspondence. (FREE)
Clean Up: Sort items into two or three categories. (FREE)
Photo Concepts: Works on positional words. (FREE)
PreNumber Sort: Looks like a pocket chart-- sort by shape. (FREE)

Fine Motor/Fun/Promote Language

Clicky Sticky: Choose from six scenes and decorate each -- dinos, people, underwater, planes. ($2.99)
Clicky Cars: Build race cars and race them! (99 cents)
Doodle Buddy: Draw, stamp, or import your own pictures to draw on. (FREE)
Draw Free: Basic drawing app. (FREE)
Cookie Doodle: Drag, drop, and mix ingredients, then bake and decorate cookies. (99 cents)
Cake Doodle: same as above but with cake (99 cents)
Build A Train: Choose cars and then watch it drive on the track. (FREE)
Felt Board: Build people, scenes, and even email and print them. ($1.99)

Social Emotional/Other

Going Places: Premade video models about going out to eat, getting a haircut, etc (FREE)
Following Directions: Flashcards to follow fun directions with tracking software. (about $5)
Toddler Jukebox: Kids can choose and play their own classic songs like "Wheels on the Bus." (99 cents?)

Save Your Sanity

PBS Kids Player (FREE)


Kristiem10 said...

Blake loves the clean up app and he thinks it is my voice on it. I kind of think it sounds like me, too. ;)

Kristiem10 said...

Blake also loves the build a train app.

the mommy psychologist said...

Just read an interesting article about what happens to Toddler brains when they're engaged in IPAD games. Not the best results:( I wish I could remember the study....

Mithun Jhawar said...

Also Check out Splash Math App for GRade 1 t0 5. They are aligned to common core standards